Poppers Pack “Classic Selection UK Medium”

54,77  45,87  inc VAT

Jungle Juice yellow 18ml

Ultra Strong green 15ml

Xtra Strong red 15ml

Fuck me 13ml

Flag 13ml



Poppers discount pack contains:

1 bottle Jungle Juice yellow Poppers 18 ml
1 bottle Ultra Strong green Poppers 15 ml
1 bottle Xtra Strong red Poppers 15 ml
1 bottle Fuck me Poppers 13ml
FREE: 1 bottle Flag Poppers 13ml

And you get the additional quantity discount of 5% to 25%. 

Contents: UK-formula.

Warning: Poppers are room aromas and/or leather cleaners and are sold by us as such – they must never be inhaled directly. Moreover, we point out that inhaling this material in conjunction with potency agents (e.g. Viagra) may cause cardiac arrest. By selecting/purchasing this item and clicking “Add to cart”, I – the buyer – declare that I will not directly inhale the poppers.

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Weight 250 g